How can I provide support?

Trinity Kids operates completely through the generous support of individual and corporate donors who provide for us financially and through the donation of gifts-in-kind, special services, and gifts of stock.

Because almost 16 thousand children suffered from abuse in our area (Region 3 - Texas) last year, we continue to fight every day to offset the tragic impact that abuse has had on the lives of these young children! Thanks to people like you who share our vision of a world without abuse, we’ve been able to have a great impact on more than one thousand children over the past 15 years.  And we work daily to find new ways to reach more children and help them get on a lifetime path of success.  But the fact is, abuse, neglect, and abandonment is pervasive in our communities, and until there are no more children left to serve, we need your help - your generosity is crucial as we continue this fight.

Trinity Kids, Inc. is a Section 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and your donation may qualify as a charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes. Charitable deductions are limited to the excess of the contribution over the fair market value of any items received in exchange for the donation.  Please consult with your tax adviser or the IRS to determine whether your contribution is deductible.

Financial Gifts

As an all-volunteer organization with a very small percentage of administrative overhead, you can feel confident that the financial support you provide is going directly to the programs working with children who have suffered from abuse, neglect, and abandonment.  There are several opportunities for you to help us through financial giving which include: one-time donation, recurring donations, and through our fundraising events.

All financial gifts are put into a general use fund, but you may designate funds for the following programs:

In addition, many corporations provide matching donations for qualified organizations.  Please remember to check with your company for any matching donation opportunities.

Gifts of Stock

Your broker can assist you in making a gift of stock via a direct transfer to Trinity Kids. Giving a gift of publicly traded stock that has increased in value and that you have owned for more than one year may provide greater tax benefits than giving cash. Your charitable income tax deduction is equal to the fair market value of the stock and you avoid paying the capital gains tax on any increase in the current value over the original cost of the stock. You may also save by not incurring brokerage fees because you are transferring ownership rather than selling the stock.

If you would like to donate stock, please click here for contact information so that we can help you in the transfer process.

Gifts in Kind

As you might expect, we have need for a number of items that can be donated in lieu of financial support.  These items can help support the efforts of our Royal Family KIDS and ConnecTeen program or with one of our fundraising events.  Some of the items needed are as follows:

  • Children's Items (year-round)
    • All items must be NEW.
    • Shorts and shirts
      • Boys's sizes (8-16)
      • Girls's sizes (7-14)
    • Swimsuits and towels
    • Twin sheets, blankets, and pillows
    • Backpacks and school supplies
  • Royal Family KIDS (two weeks of camp)
    • Transportation
      • Bus transportation to/from camp site
      • Bus driver with CDL
    • Birthday at Camp (we celebrate birthday for each child at camp)
      • 60-70 birthday boxes per camp week (size of a shoebox)
      • Small gift items for each box (socks, pencils, small toys, etc...)
      • Party decorations
      • Cakes, cupcakes, ice cream, and drinks
      • Plates, napkins, utensils and cups
    • Camp Mail Room (campers and counselors send notes to each other)
      • 1/4 sheet cards with uplifting phrases
      • stickers and pencils
    • Volunteer Staff Room 
      • Snacks
      • Water (30 cases per camp week)
      • Sodas (40 cases per camp week)
    • Parent Reception Dinner (for parents/guardians prior to arrival of children on Friday evening)
      • Cookies and punch
      • Plates, cups, and napkins
    • Welcome Home Dinner (for children/staff upon arrival on Friday evening)
      • Sponsor for Dinner (80-100 people for each camp week)
      • Food and drinks
      • Plates, napkins, utensils and cups
  • Fundraisers

There are many others items that are needed throughout the year. Please contact us if you have additional items that you would like to give or to learn about additional needs that we might have.




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